“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

memorable experiences matter


Does your brand need to revamp"The Experience"?

  • Slow season is really not profitable according to your accounting?

  • Are customers finding you easily? Are they coming back and referring people? 

  • Do you have adequate updated prices, testimonials, bloggers, a demand locally, internationally and press from credible sources? Have you added residual income streams within your business for these customers? Are you booked for business non-stop year round?

Let's Keep it Real


I Really Really Loved It!

Absolutely Brilliant!

Just Fantastic!

"The Experience" is a 6 month experience in itself with 

the goal of growth"

  • Staff Training for Customer Experience with exclusive tools for all staff (personalized to your business).

  • Process workflows for added value services at no extra cost with price comparisons to make sure you are charging your worth.Website audit and ongoing Marketing for Customer Experience formulated sequences ( we start from before the order is placed up to the one year anniversary of purchase )Ongoing relationship building to connect with repeat customers including "share the experience" and a loyalty Marketing campaign.

  • Mystery Guest Evaluations with feedback and call to action solutions including recruitment, training and development of staff.

  • Testimonials Campaign and Pitching Kit which includes complete profile of influencers social media, email pitching tips and outreach preferences.

  • Residual Income Strategy Plan

    **The Experience is recommended for businesses with a physical location and or online. We physically attend to perform the mystery evaluations and training for staff is flexible and can be done onsite or online. Workflow process and monthly meetings can be done virtually. 

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