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Date night no reservations

Yes! Laguna Beach is seriously one of the coolest beach towns in California! Laguna Beach, located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, so about 45 minutes from the city and this seven-mile stretch of sand and surf is the perfect place for art lovers, nature enthusiasts and beachgoers. However, we definitely wanted to highlight this amazing date night spot that required no reservations and nothing but amazing food, drinks and service.  Okura Robata Grill & Sushi Bar has a great ambiance and awesome prices. Budget Travelers when ordering sometimes on menus you might see splitting entrées for a small extra fee. It's worth it if you and you an a friend are light eaters.  Wood Wives     

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Laguna Beach

At a distance the mountains look so gorgeous and unattainable.  You set sail to reach that beautiful mountain. The view starts changing as you get closer. She becomes smaller as you reach her. The perception of her beauty now has changed because you no longer have that space between. That mystery you longed for.  From the top of her peak you look far out into the sea in a different direction searching for yet another  adventure another beauty that holds that mystery you seek. You set your eyes on another location with  what appears to be new scenery. So you set sail once again to satisfy that urge for that beauty you seek.  We must always remember no matter how...

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ART surrounds us - San Diego

A day in San Diego eating brunch AND sipping on mimosas at The Corner. We got to stroll through a courtyard that resembled Europe and explore the San Diego Museum of Art. A drink downtown at Nolen and Altitude Sky Bar as we sat around a fire pit to keep us cozy because it's so cold! Life is better when you can share it with a twin flame.   Budget Travel Tip: Check out the events calendar for museums as they always have free or donation only exhibits!   Wood Wives Luci & Alicia 

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Utopian Ideal

Freedom isn’t some utopian ideal. It is our inherent and natural state. So why are we still allowing the imprisonment? Because material, religion, politics, and many other man made concepts keeps us in man made chains due to greed, etc. If you had freedom what would you do right now? Or would you continue to live in this false matrix ? ( My soul is tired of all the illusions) I just want to sit under a tree and enjoy nature in my most natural state. I can remember tasting this moment and facing the sun with my LOVE. That is freedom! Much Love Luci and Alicia

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Make The Dash Count - Santa Barbara

In our travels we are suspended between life and death. That in between moment is what we must recognize. The now, the present. In this very moment we must recognize that forever is made of nows.  May you grasp on to our words as they spill out of our mouths and into your soul like honey. May they be sweet and thick enough to stick to every fiber of your being. May they give you substance for lifetimes to come. So when you read them again you will be reminded to take risks that will create memories that will continuously refill your heart, mind, soul, and spirit with endless happiness and laughter. We were whisked away by one of Santa Barbaras hidden gems. Our kinda place. Bush...

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