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Tune in next Tuesday and learn how to grow and enjoy the Magic of Microgreens!

Imagine a tiny little seedling, just emerged from the soil using the energy stored in a single seed. The first leaves are just beginning to unfold, and on the cellular level the tiny plant is bursting with newfound life. Cells are differentiating, nutrition levels are skyrocketing, and flavor is incredibly concentrated. There’s something so invigorating about eating one of these little life bursts, something almost magical.

In a fresh cut form, microgreens can offer 50 times more nutrition at the first leaf stage when compared to the mature vegetable. Maintaining a year round supply is easy and fun using minimal light and room temperatures. We will show you how to measure seeds for your container size, prepare the microgreen soil, and maintain seedlings for the 7 to 10 day growing cycle.

Next Tuesday we will upload a step by step guide on how you can start growing your own micro greens at home. Microgreens are a great start for first time gardeners.