“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

Traveling towards LOVE

Today December 29th 2016, was the day I left comfort and shed all the old layers to travel 2,674 miles towards love. Finally the continual search for that feeling that lingered consciously and subconsciously is over. I was driving towards my other half that held charges to make me whole again. Driving towards the beginning of a journey to freedom, in love and life. Entering the desert part of Texas. 


I felt my spirit awaken, feeling the breeze that flowed through the trees and into my hair. I can hear the whispers that echo the nature of my roots and how I longed to see the sun at the  break of day. Like the sun cracked in two by the horizon after darkness I spill into the desert from the sky and create an ocean from the thirst for freedom to travel away from life's secure shores. Away from the edge where the waves break.Today I advise to take a risk and stop living cautiously and jump in between that break and ride within the wave. Let go and feel the rush of life's true adventures.