“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

There's Beauty in the breakdown

The level of one's awareness and willingness allows him/her to see both and make a right choice to accept and let things go. Coming from one who has built forts of concrete collected from stones thrown in my path along the way. Here I am standing on top of this mountain, and finally realizing  how small we really are and how not in control we are. I feel that the more control we think we have the more we lose it. Standing in such immense beauty we learn to surrender to our surroundings. Everything starts to flow naturally and intertwine perfectly

Our breath, our heartbeats, our thoughts become present in the moment.  When we let go we can see clearly and our vision extends out around us, allowing us to (literally) see the bigger picture. Just as mother natures edges corrodes as time passes, there's still beauty in the breakdown.  Today I decided to surrender to all that surrounds me, us. I decided to stop fighting myself, and the universe and surrender to the art of natural flow.

Letting go is freedom.  Letting go is truly trusting and loving all the elements that make us exist. We must maintain that ebb and flow and remember when we start to be really harsh to ourselves through our growing phases (faces) that we remember ,where there is a light there is also a shadow.

One can't exist without the other. 


We spent most of our day enjoying the beautiful scenery Malibu mountains had to offer. We parted as the clouds did when the Sunset gently covered our side of the mountains.  We hopped in our car and drove through the scenic and winding roads of Mulholland Highway. From a distance we kept seeing strings of lights that decorated tons of sycamore trees dressed like chandeliers. We picked our favorite Chandelier looking tree and drove into a Patio garden called Malibu wines filled with patio heaters, a market, cobblestone bars, a school bus to picnic in and so much more.