“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

Tea and Love Letters

What do you do to keep your marriage sacred, to keep that bond when two become one? 

I'm not speaking of only the physical, but the spiritual connecting? Can we find the element that 

elevates a spiritual partnership beyond an ordinary relationship? Alicia and I practice that in order to 

stay healthy individually and together we must support each others paths to reach the ultimate evolution and to 

become our best selves.

We also took note of no matter how busy we are, what environment we are in and what 

people surround us we must always remember to take time out for each other and connecting. Our ritual came 

naturally we love tea and writing to each other. Before we even got married we decided to become pen pals. 

YES, pen pals we thought "hey" no one writes the old fashion way anymore but we love it. So we religiously wrote 

and promised to still write even if we lived underneath the same roof. We always talked about what brought us together and how we must keep our fanning our fire no matter what. We are saying if it feels like an obligation 

then it isn't right for you.


 I've heard so many couples saying it's too much work, or I will just go buy something 

it's easier. If your vision is love then live, breathe, and be love! That vision of deeply loving and being loved is not only a vision but can exist. Yes we are humans and have disagreements, but what if we can compromise without cutting off parts of our true selves? Why not celebrate our differences rather than trying to change them? Even if we are required to shift paradigms and learning new skills to add to our growth in bonding and sacredness. I love waking up and going to sleep with my wife every single day. Every day in my eyes she is brand new and refreshing.


Every night even when work beats me down to a pulp. I look forward to sitting down and having tea with her with words or no words exchanged. I can hear her clearly and she can hear me clearly. Every day we hustle and bustle in this chaotic world but have each other to remind each other that we must meditate daily to keep our space sacred.


Luci & Alicia