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What is life but a whole bunch of guided and misguided steps

Winter a time to pause and reflect Winter a time to reflect and renew all the steps taken and not taken Preparing to (SPRING) forth In the act of metamorphosis you realize that all the steps should be taken one day at a time If you live a life where you take more than one step at a time, you rush the process The journey is more than a thousand miles, as you start to reflect you will see that they are not in order but scattered In hindsight you see the chaos that got us here to begin with Take the scattered path and realize the path is no path at all When we realize that we die daily We realize...

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Haunting Strength Yet Gentle

We can only stay true to natures heart and spirit as we lay on our ancestors ashes. We can feel the power and meditation through the sounds that blow into and through rocks. The sunlight, the wind awakens primeval memories that have been locked deep within our souls . Our DNA structure unlocks strand by strand .We feel the haunting strength yet gentle caress with every grain of sand that touches our face as we lay on ages and pages of our past lives Here there’s no death just transformation. Tibercio Vasquez These images were taken at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park that is about 47 miles away from Los Angeles. Betsy enjoying her view ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ We loved the scenic...

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Four Daughters vineyard & winery ( A taste of Wine in the middle of a Cornfield)

What a fantastic oasis in the middle of farm country Minnesota.  An amazing winery located in the  middle of all the cornfields in Minnesota.  As soon as you step inside the winery and outside their porch area  that seats you next to all the vineyards you automatically melt into that realm of peace they created. This place is a little gem.  The wines are delightful!  Their claim to fame is the "Loon's  Juice" Hard Cider blends, a dry white made from the Honey Crisp Apple!  I really  enjoyed the Red wine flight. Alicia picked the White wine flight. The staff was warm & welcoming, chatting with us about how they do what they do and maintain success in Minnesota with growing...

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