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What is life but a whole bunch of guided and misguided steps

Winter a time to pause and reflect Winter a time to reflect and renew all the steps taken and not taken Preparing to (SPRING) forth In the act of metamorphosis you realize that all the steps should be taken one day at a time If you live a life where you take more than one step at a time, you rush the process The journey is more than a thousand miles, as you start to reflect you will see that they are not in order but scattered In hindsight you see the chaos that got us here to begin with Take the scattered path and realize the path is no path at all When we realize that we die daily We realize...

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Falling in LOVE

Every weekend we go hiking on a different trail. So many things to do in California to do them twice. We are going to enjoy and adventure every day of our lives. Life is to be lived not just exist. My wife has brought so much joy and love into my life. I love our little family. Together we are BULLETPROOF.  Mother Nature Nurtures our family  Hiking  Paradise falls (Hidden gem) Sun speaking 

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