“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

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Familiar in the unknown

Do you ever catch glimpses of a paradise unknown yet familiar? At the sight of a colorful cardinal or the sound of spoons clanking in the kitchen. Those feelings of unknown yet familiar nostalgia when your windows are wide open, and you get a whiff of the outdoor aromas that awaken your every sense. The nostalgia that creeps up from simply feeling the wind caress your hair and skin. The nostalgia that sends electricity up and down your soul so powerful it is enough to fill you with life yet calm you with sleep. 

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Venice Beach

Venice Beach talk about a 1 ½ mile stretch of  beach culture.From pot smokers to entertainers walking on glass. Guaranteed you will be entertained, not for the faint hearted folks.The Venice beach boardwalk is outstanding. There is always something going on. The seaside views are beautiful, loads of street artists and a very eclectic crowd and activities. Yes it is a touristy spot but a must go if  you’re in the area. Everyone has a story to tell they just need an audience to either watch, listen, or pay. It is a hub saturated with artistic inspiration and creativity.  Our favorite were the backstreets of Venice with many canals available to rent gondolas as if you were truly in Italy. The Venetian...

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Falling in LOVE

Every weekend we go hiking on a different trail. So many things to do in California to do them twice. We are going to enjoy and adventure every day of our lives. Life is to be lived not just exist. My wife has brought so much joy and love into my life. I love our little family. Together we are BULLETPROOF.  Mother Nature Nurtures our family  Hiking  Paradise falls (Hidden gem) Sun speaking 

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