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How to harvest Red Clover Tea and use daily for cancer prevention, indigestion, high cholesterol, hot flashes, menopause, breast tenderness, etc.

Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a well-known “weed” introduced to North America by European colonists and is now commonly found in fields, roadsides, and in yards from May until September. This herbal perennial in the pea family (Fabaceae, also known as Leguminosae) roots itself with a long taproot and rises up with a slender, hollow, and hairy stem. The blossom surfaces with its two three-parted, and white V-embossed leaflets in a cheerful burst of purple-pink petals. In the sweet, flowering head, one will find deliciousness and an assortment of beneficial constituents. Not bad for a “weed”! In this article you will find everything from uses to dosage to a delicious red clover tea recipe. Traditional Uses of Red Clover In many...

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You're Invited! Are you coming?

Why an Apothecary?  When Alicia and I met we had one major thing in common. Many medical trials and tribulations that affected our lives. We sat down on the floor one night and started a vision board. We asked ourselves what are we most passionate about? We were adamant about helping people help people. Not only for the physical well being to align, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Together we created a vision and 2PeasInApothecary herb shop began.We believe our hand selected teas, spices, aromatherapy, and holistic nutrition for optimal health and wellness to nourish and replenish.We are so excited to launch and we hope you enjoy all the delicious products we offer and as we grow, our Apothecary will have...

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