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How to grow your own Garlic step by step

Garlic is one of the easiest veggies to grow, but sometimes those big green tops yield a harvest of disappointingly small heads. After nearly a year of patiently watering, weeding and fertilizing, we want large flavorful garlic for our favorite recipes! Here’s 9 steps to take, from pre-planting preparation through harvest, to help you grow your biggest garlic heads yet.   In addition to following all of the steps outlined below, it is important to plant your garlic at the right time. Plant garlic in the Fall (September and October are the best months to plant), it should be at least 2 weeks before your first frost of the season. This affords your garlic the best possible chances to withstand Winter...

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Return to innocence (Bloom Room)

How does a child operate so beautifully? Well their intuition and judgment has freshly arrived from another shore. Truly a virgin of consciousness to which (UNTOUCHED). Ready to prepare for experience ahead. Have you ever questioned what would you be like without all the labels society and self has applied? Hard to grasp huh? What were you? Who are you without all the labels? As an adult I think we pull a Benjamin Button effect. To the point we have amnesia as to where we really come from. As we grow we undress and remove all the layers one by one. Religion, education, TV, image, peers, etc. As we undress we start discovering self. We uncover our return to innocence....

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Heaven on Earth

Today we were craving a garden. And we ended up at CARLSBAD FLOWER FIELD RANCH. The ranch was filled with about 50 acres of ranunculus and roses that are planted sequentially so that the first bloom starts all the way on the fields to the left and then moves towards the right as the weeks go on. Right now there’s an early bloom that has about 30 acres of peak color. You can spend a few hours in one of nature’s wonders. The fields are in bloom on a hillside overlooking the Pacific ocean. We especially had fun in the sweet pea maze, which I must admit Alicia beat me out of, not once but twice! I was a sore...

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