“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

Sitting down as a FAMILY to break bread in a digital age can be tough but...

When media is used inappropriately or without thought, media can displace many important activities such as face-to-face interaction, family-time, and of course that good old fashioned family dinner. As a child I never really grew up with such routines but I craved it when my friends would invite me over for dinner and I would see how they had to sit down and speak of their day. I feel that in today's age we are already drowning in all the social media apps and sites. I mean there is an app to control how much time you spend on social media! Are we doomed? I feel that it is our responsibility to actually take the time to put love into the food we are cooking and serving. Since these are the things we ingest why not ingest them in a proper manner? Slowly and by sharing our face to face time? Not the apple device face time but the real face to face time that involves physical and verbal human interaction. The meals where we can break bread and not take a million pictures of the bread and then post it on social media to say you do so but leave the table after the pic has been posted. It is so important to put our devices down and not only savor our foods but moments we have together for they may be our last. 

So why can't we even put these devices down for one hour to enjoy a meal with friends and family? We seek out a cacophony of digital voices, but struggle to compute with the people in front of us. Sharing food should be the most social of experiences, swapping stories with guests and gesticulating wildly as food flies out of your mouth. Not to be frequently interrupted by the unmistakable silence that characterizes a surreptitious phone check.

If the addiction is intense. Maybe come up with a way to start being aware of putting away your devices during family dinner time. Maybe you can buy gift box's where your phones fit and stash them in there as a family and see how long you can go before you start twitter twitching? Or Insta itching? On a real note though.Next family dinner try putting away your devices and take a good look around you. Try to intake how you feel? What you see? What you may learn from a simple conversation with your company? 

Researchers have found that that even having a phone present on the table can be damaging to your personal relationships.

 It's a time for families to gather and to break bread together.