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Make The Dash Count - Santa Barbara

In our travels we are suspended between life and death. That in between moment is what we must recognize. The now, the present. In this very moment we must recognize that forever is made of nows. 

May you grasp on to our words as they spill out of our mouths and into your soul like honey. May they be sweet and thick enough to stick to every fiber of your being. May they give you substance for lifetimes to come. So when you read them again you will be reminded to take risks that will create memories that will continuously refill your heart, mind, soul, and spirit with endless happiness and laughter.

We were whisked away by one of Santa Barbaras hidden gems. Our kinda place. Bush life in the mountains of Santa Barbara. You must check this place out which was featured as one of the top places to see in 2017 for Californias staycations.The Cold Spring Tavern.They had stiff manly drinks, craft beer, hot totties with whiskey, live blues and mountain Mexicans charcoal grilling. Oh and interesting Cali white boys wearing sandals in 50 degree weather! Yikes!


We were in for a real treat on our way down the mountains as we captured the spirit of the beautiful Santa Barbara Sunset. 


When you visit keep your eye out on all the lookouts if you want to capture the picturesque scenery.


Wood Wives, 

Luci & Alicia