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Love is in the AIR- Hot air Balloon Ride

This Sunday we fueled our inner child with our very first hot air balloon ride. As a child I’m sure we have always had that dream to just hop on one and fly far away. Well not only has it been on our bucket list, but my wife just like the burner in the hot air balloon propelled the heat up inside of me again to live up to a childhood fantasy. So I surprised her, us with a sunrise hot air balloon ride.We got up early in the am and drove towards Perris Airport. As we arrived all the passengers were checking in by weight. The Hot Air Balloon attendants started grouping passengers by weight so we can then hop into the chase vans they would use to keep track of the first hot air balloon route. Since hot air balloons do not a have a set landing.

All depends on the weather and direction the winds take them. We were the second batch of passengers. We were instructed to step in as the others from the first batch stepped out in order to keep the hot air balloon from flying away. It definitely reminded me that in life we all need to work together to make things work. It required lots of teamwork and effort. So as we stepped inside the basket ,well climbed in the basket. We were assigned to corner compartments to even out the weight in the basket. ( By the way Betsy was the a celebrity rider) The hot air balloon crew then gave us a signal and we were up up and away.  As we ascended into the heavens we can feel the silence that surrounded us. It was so peaceful so quiet. The wind was calm and the air was perfectly warm. I loved seeing the shadow of our balloon against the hillsides of Temecula.

There’s no feeling of speed or ascension, yet you can see that you’re moving. It’s like standing 1,200 feet in the air and you’re basket resting on an invisible mover, gliding over the countryside below. My favorite part was doing this with my wife for the first time and seeing the inner child in her come alive. We were in the air for about 45 minutes just gliding in the majestic heavens. The pilot then started to spot out a landing site. We asked how and watched how. All was based on time of day, and geographical knowledge attained from his flying area. The winds did pick up so the pilot did instruct us to turn sideways, crouch down and bend our knees slightly to soften the impact. The landing was a little rough but fun.  Again took lots of teamwork. Half of us had to  jump out of  the basket and were to hold and tip the basket sideways and then hold on to handles as the other half of passengers laid down in the basket while the crew deflated the balloon and wouldn’t take off again. The chase vans were already out in the field we landed on to then take us back the bomb shelter. Where we ended the flight with a traditional Champagne tradition that started in France in 1783, when upon landing the pilots would celebrate with a toast. We also were given official Aeronaut certificates for completion of our safe flight.


One of these traditions also started because the pilot thought of after all the angry landowners whose property they would make their final landing on. Many were peasants who could not afford champagne so many did accept the champagne offer and both parties ended up very content. Next time you look at your bucket list, think of inspiration. Inspiration is like filling up a balloon with hot air and letting go. It will fly around in all directions like crazy and end up going nowhere. Be hopeful but cautious about the value of pure inspiration and motivational idealism.
Today this ride made us think that creative success is a lot like a hot air balloon.
We need a lot of hot air to keep us going and getting us to our destination.
If your balloon is filled with empty space, keeping those warm, fuzzy feelings will keep you in the air. If you run out of air before you reach your destination you’ll crash and burn.
We also need a well made basket to hold us; knowledge of wind and air currents with a well constructed vehicle that won’t fall apart in the first storm. If we have a map or a plan of our destination we can reach any dream. Just as we did today. Anything and everything is possible.
We hope you reach all of them.
Before we headed back home we made a stop in Temecula and had a delightful afternoon with wine and conversation in this beautiful hidden paradise of Wine country. A weekend of bliss as Spring surrounded us with it's beauty. People often mention Sonoma has one of the top Wine countries to visit but Temecula is absolutely amazing and not overcrowded as Sonoma would be on any given Sunday. 
We visited several vineyards but we fell in love with Ponte Winery where the gardens were fragrant, and every rose came out her tight bud. The sun beamed upon our faces as we sipped wine the rest of the afternoon. 
because everyday should end with wine and love...
Love you always in all ways.
Luci & Alicia