“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

Laguna Beach

At a distance the mountains look so gorgeous and unattainable. 

You set sail to reach that beautiful mountain. The view starts changing as you get closer.

She becomes smaller as you reach her. The perception of her beauty now has changed because

you no longer have that space between. That mystery you longed for. 

From the top of her peak you look far out into the sea in a different direction searching for yet another 

adventure another beauty that holds that mystery you seek. You set your eyes on another location with 

what appears to be new scenery. So you set sail once again to satisfy that urge for that beauty you seek. 

We must always remember no matter how far we travel or what we are in search for the beauty we seek we 

hold within. It is that beauty we must  take to every experience. Don't travel or be moved by external beauty but 

set sail for the internal beauty.

Don't lose sight of the beauty within due to distance.  



 Feet in the sand