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Growing Hydroponic Micro Greens at home

For this tutorial you will need: - Seeds: You can use almost any vegetable seed to grow microgreens (some are tastier than others, though), but a lot of companies offer special microgreen seed mixes that are a great option for first-timers. They have a nice variety of tastes, textures and nutrition.

Plastic food container or Recycled salad lettuce container 

Paper towel or napkin 

Hobby knife or box cutter 

Optional spray bottle

Below are all the supplies you we will need

Step #1 

Cut along container top with an exacto knife carefully. The sides you will need to cut are the longest lengths of our container top as shown below. 

Step #2 

Tuck paper towel in through slits we just cut as shown below.

Step # 3

Fill container with fresh spring water allowing the flaps of the paper towels to sit in container to act as a self watering wick for the seeds that we will be planting.

Step #5

Allow the paper towel to gradually soak up the water. 

Step #6

Grab your other dry napkin fold over once and place directly on top of other wet napkin on the top of the container and allow it to also soak through.

Step #7

You can also grab water bottle and soak the paper towels really good. 

Step #8

Pick your seeds of choice and spread plenty on top of the paper towels. Make sure you have plenty of seeds since we are growing micro greens you want to harvest plenty. After spreading the seeds use your spray bottle to soak the seeds directly. Make sure you soak them pretty good.

Step #9

 Make sure you find a dark place in your home where there is barely any light for the germination process. Your newly sown seeds need humidity and dark to thrive. Set your container (being careful not to slosh it and disturb the dispersion of your seeds) in a place where it won’t get too hot, or too cold. 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

  •  Mist Every 12 Hours with your spray bottle. 10 evenly distributed sprays should do. Do not add additional water other than the misting. 
  • Your crop should be ready to be out in daylight after 4 or 5 days. You can judge this by watching for when the baby leaves (cotyledons) of your crop first emerge and then waiting one more day. It is important to keep your crop in the dark for the first 4 to 5 days to force your crop to grow in the struggle for light. This will help you grow a strong crop Make sure your crops get plenty of direct sunlight.
  • Check Daily – Your crop should have the right balance of water from now till harvest. Pull up a corner of the grow napkin/pad. It should be fairly damp. If necessary, replenish water in container so that water comes up to half way up the channels. Be sure to water from the bottom once the greens are uncovered, and do not use the spray bottle anymore. Will post the fresh greens in a few days to show you how we can use them daily.