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Golden Girls and Books

Oh so Golden....

This past week was really exciting. We got to experience the real model of the
Golden girls residence. Yes where Blanche Devereaux and her late husband
George bought their home. It is a residential
Area of course. Someone actually lives in it, so when we took pics we had to
Snap quickly so we don’t look like some stalkers outside. I’m sure they
Get this often by every die hard golden girl fans.  For the first season,
The exterior shots of the house were filmed on location in Brentwood,
California. The house itself still stands in this quiet neighborhood.
From the second season onward, exterior shots were filmed at Walt
Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, where an exact
Replica of the Brentwood house was built. Park tourist could see the
House as part of a tram tour along the “ Residential Street”attraction. Our
Next stop will be the studio in Walt Disney Studios in Orlando, Fl to take the tram.
Now we love books so we will travel distance to discover those hidden pages and intriguing titles that keep our addiction alive.
Bart's Books in Ojai It’s no secret that Bart’s is a bookstore unlike any other, attracting people from all over the world and gaining recognition for being the largest independently owned and operated outdoor bookstore in the U.S.A.. For years, Bart’s has offered a wide variety of rare and captivating books, but the history of how this bookstore came to be is a story in itself. If you visit make sure you get the official tour, the staff there are extremely
Friendly and happy to do so. Very informative and kind. So if you
Love books the way we do prepare to be in book heaven and
Even better, outdoors with chairs. How awesome is that! There is
A huge variety of books for every type of reader that exist.
They are very organized as well. They have books ranging from .50 cents to $6,000. There are plenty of original copies and vintage
Collectors books. Bart’s books is definitely a must if you’re in Ojai, Ca.
Luci & Alicia