“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

Freedom RINGS

So we got on the road to attain our significance of freedom. I know that freedom can come in many forms
and mean different things to different people. As I sit underneath this tree in Albert Lea, Minnesota. 
In a quick breath in and out I attained freedom by being in the moment. I found freedom in the song of the birds 
in the trees. I found freedom in the wind blowing against my face. I found freedom in the wide cornfields.
To me freedom means not looking at the clock, no schedules, no list, no obligations. It means taking care of myself and the ones i love
mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  Freedom to me is being able to be ourselves, without the pressure of 
catching up or living up to what society chooses for us. Freedom Without carrying all of the labels that continually weigh us down
and cover who we truly are meant to be. I think we are the only creatures on earth that pay to live on it. But why?
 Birds wake up and never worry about what they are going to eat. It just 
appears as the universe unfolds daily. We are living in a world, a grid, a maze designed to keep us imprisoned 
 a prison that is man made and filled with false degrees and ways of 
living according to higher entities who are here to just suck our souls. The very ones who are selling you freedom are the ones who keep you distracted so we never find out 
the real meaning of our existence. It is interesting that many of the freedoms we seek today are seen as ends in themselves, as a final goal to be attained. It’s as though we think that once our particular freedom is achieved, all our problems will be solved. Why? Because we’ll have freedom! But freedom from what? And freedom to do or be what? What do you consider to be freedom?  We are celebrating all week long, use code for free shipping all week long. Free shipping code USA