“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

Ethereal Snow:The Warmest Winter Ever

Driving through windy roads and into the mountains. We drove on Highway 18 

what is considered the rim of the world. I see endless thick woods that bare the weight 

of many snowfalls. Seemed like not one thing on the ground escapes it. With the warmth of my 

wife at my side. I slowly drift into the clouds that swallow our car as we reach higher heights.

I become in sync with natures breath, she always lightens the atmosphere.

We stop to find the perfect snow-hill to create a childhood memory never collected.

We pull out all sorts of sleds, all different colors.  We start paving a new sledding path for the 

best run down these hills. 

As I mount my sled all I can remember is the snow after her footprints.

And how the snow on her scarf and head-wrap left different flakes that resemble stars. 

I drift into a daydream of snow forts, snowballs, and how we can read endless books here by 

the fire we created with old black wood.  My daydream dashed by kids sledding by once again.

I glance to my right and all I can see are my wife's deep plum and robust lips against the white snow.

They describe our love perfectly, hot and carnivorous. We leave footprints behind that quiet our minds enough to hear and see we are ALIVE TOGETHER! She wraps her arms around me as the silent snowfields that surround us witness the warmest winter ever. 



An amazing day with Friends at Lake Arrowhead and we have some cool budget tips for this awesome snow adventure. Usually if you visit and go to a sledding area you pay per person with a time frame but you can pick up a sled at a Sporting Goods store and find a cool park and sled for FREE and use the Sled multiple times. Our Friends are Budget Babes like us so they knew exactly where to go but you can google the parks and drive to any that fits your needs especially if you have kids or furry friends. Now here is a little funny video of us sledding and we sort of did some damage on the sled but it's all fun. Check out the park we decided to sled at Keller Peak Road.
We ended the afternoon with an incredible lunch at a yummy spot called The Lake Front which is literally adjacent to Lake Arrow head and we didn't get a chance to ride the Arrowhead Queen Tour Boat but it's on our list for next time so be sure you check it out! We have to admit it's pretty incredible that after an hour drive we were back in Los Angeles.