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Books and Friends

A weekend of joy is breaking bread and sipping on wine with one another. On Sunday we realized it’s not about how much time we have together, but rather what we do when we have a moment together. It’s not about how full the cup is, but rather what’s in the cup- the quality and content. It was quite refreshing to sit out in the SUN and feel the warmth together. We got lost in each other and the hours past us. But then time is such an abstract concept. We speak of it going quickly and dragging, and yet all we really have is the current moment. We also got a chance to explore The Last Bookstore Located in Downtown L.A.  If you appreciate books, art, and music this is the place for you. We love the name and the vibe of the bookstore, it's like the naughty, slutty, edgier step sister to Barnes and Noble. It's an easy way to lose yourself. It has a rustic feel to it, with old books and artistic decor. There's paintings and a book tunnel on the second floor. There’s something for everyone here. Remember to explore something new in your city and share moments of time with the people you love because it's the little pleasures that make life sweet.






Luci & Alicia