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BLOOM where you are planted

We had a little situation yesterday a thing we always call a hump or bump on the road. An unexpected outcome. We are all humans that error and get upset constantly when things don't go our way. We wanted to write this blog as a reminder for us and when you feel things don't go as expected or you may not be where you want to be in life just yet. It can be anything and everything. You may be working a day job that is not your passion and working on your dream through the night. Keeping our dreams alive is what uplifts the human spirit and keeps the fire spreading within. But how can we deal with the fact that sometimes we may have to tolerate something that we do not like to eventually get to where we want to be?Mother nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. We always want instant gratification. We even cut corners to see if we can get there faster. This is why we must slow down and tune into our natural environment and flow to her frequency of things. Again the mother is always teaching her children. But we refused to see or get distracted by the irrelevant things in life. Nature is always teaching and nurturing her children. The next time you feel like you have no control over a situation, a job, or that house closing didn't go through as expected.Think of the seed and what it must go through to feel the sun and bloom where it is planted. The seed must feel the darkness of the unknown, and the claustrophobia of being in a space it does not innerstand. The seed sits in darkness for days and still has to trust the outcome (the transformation).The seed felt the flooding from unexpected thunderstorms, and the intensity of the heat when parched. The seed had to sit still deeply under the earth and go through all the struggles to find light, water, and nutrients for life. And then came the experience of cracking open. There's no escaping any phases in life.

We must go through each and every single one to see what we may become. Just as the seeds do we must not discount any of our dark days and the seasons we must go through to emerge into the light. Next time you are out in nature try sitting down in a quiet space within yourself. I will guarantee that every scene will challenge your imagination and how much it resembles a reflection of our own lives. Every time we are challenged by the universe or even situations based on decisions we make. Remember nature and all she teaches helps heal when applied to our own lives. Nature teaches divine timing, healing, humility, self offering, Beauty in Simplicity, patience, renewal, and so much more. Mother natures's natural cycles of weather and seasons are an all important flow and a necessity for survival.