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Pickin in Blue Earth Minnesota

Last Sunday we headed towards The FLEA JUNKtion.  Yes, the place where American pickers film their show. If you want to know what the junk? Lots of it! Refurbished. Vintage. Antiques. Treasures. Lots of Rust and Chippy Paint! They had it! Every corner displayed pickers wanted. One of our favorite vendors, designs by sas makes beautiful handmade crafts. We did buy a beautiful doll like chair that was covered in romantic vintage fabric that matched our RV theme. That we  will show off once we reveal our rv end results. Love is everywhere in her craft If you are a huge picker of antiques we highly recommend Fairbolt County  Flea JUNKtion. Not only do they display antiques they offer varieties of goodies like this farm fresh flower market....

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Four Daughters vineyard & winery ( A taste of Wine in the middle of a Cornfield)

What a fantastic oasis in the middle of farm country Minnesota.  An amazing winery located in the  middle of all the cornfields in Minnesota.  As soon as you step inside the winery and outside their porch area  that seats you next to all the vineyards you automatically melt into that realm of peace they created. This place is a little gem.  The wines are delightful!  Their claim to fame is the "Loon's  Juice" Hard Cider blends, a dry white made from the Honey Crisp Apple!  I really  enjoyed the Red wine flight. Alicia picked the White wine flight. The staff was warm & welcoming, chatting with us about how they do what they do and maintain success in Minnesota with growing...

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Niagara Caves

As we drove Minnesota's southern border we discovered that there were many hidden gems. One being the Niagara Cave. A 60-foot subterranean waterfall, 100-foot-high ceilings, ancient fossils, unusual limestone rock formations, calcite flow-stone, an echo chamber, and even a wedding chapel for those who are a bit adventurous. The cave was discovered in 1924, when legend has it that three pigs disappeared from a nearby farm and ended up in a sinkhole. When their owner went looking for the wayward swine, he not only found his livestock—alive and well, 75 feet underground—he also discovered the underground chamber and its many wonders.The tours of the cave started 10 yrs later. A line of light-colored stone running throughout the cave likely marks a volcano...

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Freedom RINGS

So we got on the road to attain our significance of freedom. I know that freedom can come in many forms and mean different things to different people. As I sit underneath this tree in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  In a quick breath in and out I attained freedom by being in the moment. I found freedom in the song of the birds  in the trees. I found freedom in the wind blowing against my face. I found freedom in the wide cornfields. To me freedom means not looking at the clock, no schedules, no list, no obligations. It means taking care of myself and the ones i love mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  Freedom to me is being able to be...

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